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High Holidays

High Holidays


refresh_h.jpg High Holidays
with Chabad

Meaningful - Inspirational - Relevant

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Traditional Service
Educational Service
Children's Service
shofar.jpgTraditional Services. Follow the traditional liturgy led by our rabbis and cantors. Hebrew/English prayer books provided.

ROSH HASHANAH -WednesdaySep 4 Evening Services:7:00 pm.  
Thursday & FridaySep 5-6 - Morning Services: 9:30 am 
Shofar Blowing: 12:00pm. Evening Services: 7:00 pm
 YOM KIPPUR - Friday, September 13 Children blessing - 7:00 pm 
Kol Nidrei & Evening Services - 7:15 pm
Shabbat, September 14th Morning Services - 9:30 am 
Yizkor Memorial Service - 12:00 pm. Mincha/Neilah - 6:10 pm 
Fast Ends - 8:23 pm. Communal break-the-fast - 8:40 pm
*In memory of Beverly Getz and Kenneth Weiss o.b.m.



Educational Services. Join Rabbi Hirshy for a special educational service that will bring meaning to your holidays and leave you spiritually inspired. New expanded tent this year with 50% more space. sponsored by the Blase family.

ROSH HASHANAH - Thursday & Friday, September 5-6
 Earlier time this year - 10:00am -11:30am

YOM KIPPUR - Shabbat, September 14
Earlier time this year 10:00 am -11:30am


child.jpgChildren's Services. A fun way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of the Synagogue while giving you a chance to enjoy the service.

ROSH HASHANAH - Thursday & Friday September 5-6
Earlier time this year  - 10:00am - 11:30am

YOM KIPPUR - Shabbat, September 14
Earlier time this year -10:00am - 11:30am



Free Seating: Open seating on a first-come first-serve basis. No membership or tickets needed.
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