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When will construction begin?
At this point (April 2014) our goal is to secure all the pledges by Rosh Hashana (September 25, 2014) and then begin the permitting and bidding process.Our tentative goal is to have a ground breaking ceremony in the first quarter of 2015.
How much will the building cost?
We estimate that the building will cost $3,500,000.00 (three and a half million dollars). Our campaign also includes another $500,000 to eliminate the current debt. The total campaign goal is $4,000,000.00 (Four million dollars)
Can pledges be paid over time?
Yes certainly we are asking people to consider a gift that they would pay in one-five years.
Where will all the money come from?
Every penny for this campaign will be raised from voluntary donations from people like you in the community.
Does Chabad have access to any money from other sources?
Contrary to common perception, each Chabad center is independently run by the local Chabad rabbi in the community he serves. There is no central Chabad funding source that provides any money for our capital campaign or general operations. All funding comes from community donations.
Who will manage the funds that are coming in?
All campaign funds are being deposited into a separate bank account which is controlled by our campaign finance committee.
What will the building be used for?
The building will be built to house the ongoing Chabad activities. There will be a large multi-purpose room which will be used as a Synagogue, assembly room, social hall, etc. There will also be a teen lounge, two kitchens (meat and dairy), classroom wing (for the camp, Sunday school, preschool), and outdoor play area.