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The Bat Mitzvah Club at Chabad is a unique program designed for Jewish girls of Bat Mitzvah age.

A Bat Mitzvah symbolizes the turning point in a Jewish girl’s life as she enters her teen years, and begins to explore her identity. The Bat Mitzvah Club emphasizes this important stage in her life and regards it as a process of learning and discovering, rather than just an ordinary birthday celebration.

The Bat Mitzvah Club has been a wonderful, meaningful club where Jewish girls learn about this important milestone in their lives, and experience Jewish tradition in a way that is relevant to their lives today. It is always a great and enriching experience for all who have joined and I am excited to invite your daughters this year!

Tuition is $300 for the entire year 

Club meeting dates:
First Session: Nov . 13th 

Dec 4th,  Jan 8th,  Jan 22nd,  Feb 5th,  Feb 12th,  March 4th,  March 18th,  April 8th,  April 15th,  May 6th 

May 10th - Friday Night Graduation Ceremony

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