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SPECIAL LINK: Click here to access the Q&A session on Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night) 1/23/2020, 8:00pm

Meeting ID: 994 9895 4296
Passcode: chabad

Monday, 7:00pm
Parsha with Rabbi Hertz   Click here
Tuesday, 7:30pm Faith (Bitachon) - Rabbi Hertz  Click here
Tuesday, 7:30pm (maternity break Jan 2021)
Torah & Tea   a)  Zoom  b)  Facebook
Wednesday, 12:00pm
Torah Topics   Click here
Wednesday, 7:00pm
Middle Schoolers Online
Thursday, 8:00pm
Jewish Spirituality Click here 
Friday, 5:15pm
Pre-Shabbos Lchaim & Torah   Click here

Note: Any classes that are on Zoom can also be accessed by phone.