Adult Education Opportunities 
at Chabad of North Fulton

Below is a list of ongoing classes at Chabad.

In addition to these classes, the Rabbi is available for one-on-one study or for small group study.
Please email
Rabbi Minkowicz for more information


  Sunday   Monday  Tuesday
Parsha of the week    Torah & Tea (for women)

Sunday - 9:00am - After the Minyan 


  Tuesday - 8:00pm -  For the modern Jewish woman in search of a meaningful life.  
founded by Rashi Minkowicz o.b.m. and held at the home of Mrs. Ruthy Hertz
Wednesday Wednesday   Thursday
Torah for Seniors JLI - Jewish Learning Institute  

Wednesday - 11:00am
Weekly class on Torah and topics of Jewish interest. 

The Rohr JLI which offers three college level courses every year on varying topics of Jewish study and interest. Please visit for more information.


Thursday Shabbat Shabbat
Jewish Spirituality Chasidus & Kabbalah Talmud Study

Thursday - 8:00pm - Study various texts on Kabbalah, Spirituality, & Jewish Philosophy. Blending teachings of Kabbalah's mystical insights, Chasidic philosphy, and applying it to modern times and our personal lives. At Chabad.

Chasidus & Kabbalah: Text based on essays written by the masters of Kabbalah and Chasidus.  30 minutes before Mincha. At Chabad.

Gemara-Talmud Class: The sea of Talmud covers a wide range of topics. Join us as we surf these treasured waters, and become exposed to fresh ideas, stories, customs and the origin of the code of Jewish Law. The class meets on Shabbos afternoons, one hour before Mincha. At Chabad