Please join us in this special and unique project as we complete the writing of Rashi's Torah scroll. Taking part in the writing of a Torah scroll fulfils the 613th and final commandment in the Torah (the commandment to write a Torah) and brings great merit and blessing to you and to the community. A Sofer (Torah scribe) has been commissioned to write this Torah for us and he will inscribe the letter/portion on your behalf. You can participate in this unique opportunity by choosing from the various dedication options available.

Endow A Portion
My dedication is in honor of: My dedication is in memory of:
my child/ren
a relative
Dedication Names / Details: Please separate each with a comma
Endowment Options
$18,000 Torah Underwriter
Dedicate the writing of this Torah in honor or memory of a loved one (Donors name will be embroidered on Torah Cover)
Entire Book Dedications
  $5,400 - Endow one complete book of the Five Books of the Torah.
Bereishit (Genesis) Shemot (Exodus) Vayikra (Leviticus) Bamidbar (Numbers) Devarim (Deuteronomy)
Portion Dedications
$1,800 Special Portions
Endow a "Special Selection" in the Torah for your family or friend. Each of these are of special significance in that they possess central themes of faith, carrying unique blessings and inspiration.
The Ten Commandments
The Priestly Blessings
The portion of the Shema
The Song of Az Yashir sung after the Splitting of the Sea
(5 available)
The final verse of each Book of Torah
Blessings of Children
Prayer recited at opening of Ark
The 13 Attributes of Mercy
The Song of the Well
The blessing extolling Israel's attributes of harmony and modesty.
The portion of the Manna–
Blessings from Heaven
$500 Parsha (weekly Portion)
Endow a weekly Torah portion of significance by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary. Please indicate which portion(s) you would like to endow:
How Many?   $360 Maftir
Endow a special Maftir portion of personal significance to yourself, your family or a friend. Please indicate which maftir(s) you would like to endow:
How Many?
$180 Aliya
Endow one aliya of a Torah portion.
How Many?   $100 Verse
Endow a verse in honor of your family or each member of the family.
How Many?
$72 Word
Endow a word in honor or memory of a loved one.
How Many?   $18 Letter
Endow a Letter in honor or in memory of a loved one.
How Many?

Sponsor Special Items
To see more information about dedications in the new Rashi's Campus please visit 

$50,000 Bima
Dedicate the new Bima for reading the Torah in the new sanctuary at Rashi's Campus (donors name will be inscribed on the Bimah)
Crown - Reserved
Dedicate the beautiful Sterling Silver Crown, prominently displayed above the Torah (donors name will be engraved) 
$5,000 Breastplate (Choshen)
Dedicate the stunning silver Breastplate that hangs prominently in front of the Torah (donor name will be engraved)
$3,600 Aitz Chaim
Dedicate the two arms of the Torah (donor name will be engraved)
$100,000 Ark
Dedicate an exquisite new ark in the main sanctuary at Rashi's Campus
$36,000 Ark in Weekday Shul
Dedicate an exquisite new ark in the weekday sanctuary at Rashi's Campus
$5,000 Ner Tamid - Eternal Lamp
Dedicate a Ner Tamid (Eternal Lamp) to hang over the ark. Reserved already in main sanctuary. Available only in weekday sanctuary
$2,500 Yad
The beautiful Sterling Silver pointer prominently hung on the Torah (donor name will be inscribed)
$500,000 Main Sanctuary Dedication $180,000 Weekday Sanctuary Dedication

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10180 Jones Bridge Road • Alpharetta, GA 30022
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